multi duplex modularMulti-Family Construction

Quality of Factory Built Construction

Whether you are looking to build a large scale apartment or condominium complex, townhome community, dormitory or hotel, factory built construction offers many advantages from cost savings through speed of delivery without sacrificing quality of construction or architectural design.

Sustainable design using green construction elements and Energy StarĀ® compliant building design are an integral part of our approach to our building system.

Consider Factory Built Construction

We provide pre-construction expertise in planning and design in conjunction with your architect and designers to assure all possible efficiencies are utilized from the beginning of the design process.

Shortened Construction Schedule

The foundation can be built concurrently while the modules are being constructed in our state of the art facility.

Cost Structure

Because of factory built construction, it is possible for two thirds of the project's cost to be fixed, meaning fewer variable costs for building materials during construction.

State Of The Art Manufacturing Facility

We have the capacity to potentially build a large project in a short amount of time as compared to traditional construction where weather conditions can slow if not halt construction.

Speedy Delivery

Up to 6 modules can be delivered per day, install them on the foundation and lock them up the same day. This means fewer material losses on the job site.